These broadband absorption panel bass traps were purpose built to treat the new QC viewing suite at The Engine House Media Services.

The panels are 864mm wide X 1200mm high X 100mm thick

The triangular corner trap columns are 3333 tall X 620 mm wide X 440 mm deep

In total this package cost around £800 including installation and delivery within London.

Bespoke orders are welcome, and smaller packages may be possible, but please be advised that I don't normally stock these materials so would need to order them in. 

Call me for a quote. 

Notes on construction:

First a plywood sheet is cut into the required strips at the workshop. Plywood is extremely strong and warp-free due to its cross grain layering. even at extreme lengths, like those of these 3333mm high corner traps pictured here, the plywood remains perfectly straight!

The panels are assembled using dowel joints and slabs of sound insulation rockwool are inserted. These traps use two whole slabs of 1200 X 400 X 100mm rockwool. I forgot to take a photo of the rockwool going in, sorry!

The panel is then wrapped in a breathable membrane, then covered with canvas (available in a variety of colours) and a separate backing. The traps are fixed with screw eyes and rope and are hung from a hooked wooden baton attached to the wall.

The corner trap frame is assembled to length to fit the required depth of corner. Rockwool is cut and stacked in a rope lattice, attached to wood baton fixing strips, to the height of the ceiling. Canvas is stapled to the back or front of the frame according to preference. The frame is screwed in place to the fixing strips.

Everything can be disassembled and reassembled in a new location if necessary. The panels can be easily moved as required.